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https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en With the use of information, services and products on the website https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en meaning that you have fully accepted the provisions using the following website .


Invite you please read the rules using the website below before you decide to use the information and services, our products.


I. Registration and login using your account


When you register for an account on https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en you need to give the site the personal information accurate, complete and up to date. When choosing a password to access your account, select the password in a way that no one could easily guess.


After registering, you are responsible for preserving and password do not divulge your password to anyone or authorization, allows anyone to use for any purpose whatsoever.


https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en will always consider the access and use of the services on the website with your username and password of someone as the access and use of the service by the customer, regardless of name Access and password can be used by others that the owner does not know or are not allowed.


If found anyone know the password, or use your password to access and use the services on the website, you should notify us immediately and change your password or request website support installing new password.


Provisions for the content of information on website


The user is responsible for any content posted or information transmitted through the website https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en and not allowed or allowed others to create any nuisance, annoyance, harassment against any https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en well as for any customer or other user.


You agree to use the site to the extent consistent with all applicable laws and regulations, the Government of Vietnam and agree not to use the website to send up, transmitted, distributed, link to content that Contains advertising information Violation of laws and regulations of the Government of Vietnam.


Violation of the provisions of copyright, trademark, intellectual property, personal property rights received. Contains information is obscene, offensive, defamatory. Destroying the safety, uniformity, the interface of the site.


Any violation of the above provisions, https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en will revoke use of the offender website. At the same time, depending on the seriousness of the violation, the user will be responsible before the law.


IV. Turn down


https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en security measures for the site and the services provided. However, https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en can not guarantee absolute site from the act of sabotage or viruses from the Internet.


https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en without any warranties or representations about the accuracy or completeness of any information on this website. https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en periodically adds, changes, improvements or updates features and information on this website without prior notice.


In any case, https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en will not be responsible for any loss, damage, liability brought by the use of information from this website, as well as any error, omission, interruption or delay of information.


Use of the information in this web site is entirely dependent on the specific risk of the user. In any case, https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en or their representatives will not be liable for any direct damages, indirect, incidental, special or consequential public.


https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en site includes links to other sites not owned or controlled by https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en or contain information provided by third party suppliers.


Therefore, https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en not responsible for errors or omissions in the information quoted and content, privacy, security of the site as well as links to the damage if you go import and use of such sites.


V. Changes on the website https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en


We have the full right to add, modify or delete any information, as well as change the interface, presentation, composition or function, the content of this website including any item in any anytime without prior notice.


VI. Changing the rules


We have full rights to change rules without notice. With the continued use https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en after the amendment, you implicitly agree to abide by the amendment of regulations.


VII. Provisions of the act are not allowed


You may not infringing, intrusion, access, use or seek to infringe, intrusion, access or use any part of our servers, and / or any data areas without our permission.


You may not or actions to restrict or prohibit any other user from using the utility on https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en


You may not post on or transmit any unlawful information, deceptive, defamatory, insulting, vulgar, obscene, offensive, threatening, abusive, hateful, offensive or contrary to... moral standards of society under any form, including the spread or encourage conduct that may constitute a criminal offense or violate any provision of local laws, national or international.


We respect the right to freedom of expression, but also reserves the full right to have omitted, or removal of a part or the whole content of your posting, regardless of whether it is a clear violation or just function attention.


You may not post or transmit any messages promotional, call, chain letters, investment opportunities or any form of contact with any commercial purposes without the user wishes, spam or spam messages.


You may not post or transmit any information that is not owned by you, unless that information is provided free of charge, does not send any information that contains any viruses, Trojan, or a bug hazardous parts.


You will not post, publish, transmit, reproduce, distribute or exploit in any manner any information obtained from https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en commercial purposes; or upload, post, publish, transmit, reproduce or distribute in any manner the content is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en or create variations of these contents without the written consent of the owner or the copyright holder.


You may not use the information on this website for any kind or any other purpose, unless the terms established in the regulations of use.


Prohibit access


We have the full right, at any time, prohibit or deny your access to https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en or any part of the Site immediately and without notice if we believe that you have breached any provision in this Regulation, or prohibiting access from our judgment, when we refuse to believe that appropriate and necessary in our jurisdiction.


Information of third parties


Information is provided https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en may contain information from third parties or selected from other sources. We do not accept any responsibility for any information that we published, you will use or trust in that information for understanding, responsibility and at your own risk.




You agree to indemnify the liability, proceedings, damages, expenses (including without limitation court costs) relating to or arising from your violation of any provision of Regulations on the use of https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en


We may, in cases deemed necessary, or as prescribed by law to participate in proceedings before the appeal or negotiations for settlement.


Intellectual property rights and other rights


All intellectual property rights exist in https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en website belong to https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en Accordingly, all of the legal rights are guaranteed.


Unless otherwise agreed by https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en you are not allowed to upload, post, publish, reproduce, transmit or distribute in any form any part of the website or create https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en the revision of the content provided in the website https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en


In the area allowed to post messages, you can share information permitted under our default format and you are solely responsible for the content, information, pictures and any Share with your other individual users or groups of users.


However, in all cases, we still reserve the right to process the information published in accordance with the habits and customs, rules and ethical rules to ensure national security, and we reserves the right to allow or not allow your article to appear or exist on the forum or in the area of ​​information sharing.


We have full rights, including copyright, trademark, trade secret and other proprietary rights, website content, and the goods or services provided that we have in https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en


The use of property rights and we need to get our prior written permission. In addition to the authorization in writing, we are not licensed in any other form whether it is a form of publication or implied, or through the use of service to you.


And therefore, you have no right to use the website or our services commercial purposes without written permission from us before.


You agree to our freedom to use, disclose, apply and modify any ideas, concepts, methods, proposals, suggestions, comments or any other form of notice you give Our related to https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en lately free.


Provide content on https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en


You agree to give us the full right and license (including any moral rights or other necessary rights) to use, display, reproduce, modify, publish, offer, contact process, translate and create different versions of the combination, in part or whole, on a global scale without requiring compensation.


The license applies to any form, media, technology known or later developed; you should note that the article (post) on the forum, or in the area may be allowed to continue to lie on our website even if your account was deleted for any reason.


Limitation of liability and guarantee


All information is intended solely for your general information only. https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en not accept any liability whatsoever for such information.

Access to and use of the website https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en because you totally self-responsibility and are provided AS IS. https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en only for personal use and we do not represent or guarantee of anything, is spokesman for specific or implied for any particular purpose.


You behave and believe entirely on the skill and ability to assess yourself for the use and interpretation of information you obtain at https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en


You are responsible for ensuring that the use of your personal information to comply with all the requirements of current legislation.


Limitation of liability provisions shall apply to the fullest scope permitted by applicable law.


Notice of Copyright


If you believe that your property rights have been used in ways that infringe copyright, you may contact the staff in charge of our copyright at: https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en


Applicable law


You agree that the Terms of Use and any dispute arising out of your use of this website https://vietnamtotravel.vn/en or the products and services we will be dealt with under existing laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


By registering or using the website and our services, you implicitly agree to and comply with all the provisions of the Laws of Vietnam.



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