Qui Nhon Vietnam

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Qui Nhon VietnamQui Nhon VietnamQui Nhon VietnamQui Nhon VietnamQui Nhon VietnamQui Nhon Vietnam

Qui Nhon Vietnam is the little visited provincial capital of Binh Dinh province. Although it was recognised as a city as late as 1898, its history reaches back to the days of the Kingdom of Champa. In the 11th century, the Cham people migrated southwards and moved their capital city to a location about 30km north of present-day Qui Nhon and named it Vijaya.


It survived until 1471, when the citadel was sacked by the Vietnamese. Quy Nhon is a southeastern city of Binh Dinh Province in the middle part of Vietnam. In an area of 284.28 km, Quy Nhon is the place of various types of soil, beaches, resorts and water species… and the home to more than 810000 people.

Quy Nhon is 1065 km far from Ha Noi in the north, 690km from Ho Chi Minh City to the south. About climate, weather in Quy Nhon is divided into two specific seasons: dry season (from March to September), rainy season (the rest time in year). The annual average temperature is 24.5oC.

Nowadays, Quy Nhon is a beautiful place with special features of a potential tourist destination. There is something you can’t miss when visiting this place:

1. Fish noodles: This traditional dish is not only famous in Binh Dinh but also well-known in Vietnam due to its flavors and cooking ways.

2. Twin Brick Tower (Hung Thanh Towers): Hung Thanh Towers is an architectural structure with two similar towers while one is 18m high and the other is 20m.

3. Long Khanh Pagoda: a Buddhist pagoda built in 18th century.

4. Thi Nai Bridge: the longest sea overpass in Vietnam (2477.3m)

5. Ghenh Rang Tien Sa: a beautiful shore with beaches and islets, emerald waters and white sand.

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  • it's a perfectly good stop for some seafood and a beachside frollick. And it sits conveniently between Nha Trang and Hoi An. especially, Quy Nhon's relative obscurity belies an important role in some of Vietnam's major historical events.
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  • i travel to qui nhon by train, as far as i know that when i take the SE trains which are faster and more comfortable, they will stop at Dieu Tri Train Station which is 10 kilometers from Quy Nhon Town.
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  • i am also fascinated by superb beauty of Hoa Binh Hydroelectric Power Plant, the largest one in Vietnam. Boating on Da River is an enjoyable feeling. Road and water transportation are convenient. There is National Highway No. 6 from Hanoi vie Ha Tay to Hoa Binh
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  • i especially enjoy the ethnic specialty dishes including rice cooked in bamboo and grilled meat. At night, i can stay in stilt houses at Lac Village in Mai Chau Valley, enjoy watching traditional dancing, music performances (bronze drums, gongs), and Thai minority singing and dancing. it's wonderful moment with me
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  • thanks for the wonderful trip of quy nhon beach, Enjoying the beauty of the beach in Quy Nhon,Relaxing in resort and have delicious meals,Visiting the solemn building of the Cham and Binh Dinh Museum. it's awsome
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