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Ấp 4, Xã Thạnh Đức, Huyện Bến Lức, Long an

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8 hours

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16 persons


Mekong Delta

This is a program that gives many meanings to the students, conscious, practical learning, and practical education around.

The purpose of student tourism programs

The aim of the student tour is to foster more life skills, stimulate their thinking ability and sense of learning after outdoor picnic sessions.

With the student-focused criterion, the programs are built based on the actual needs, each grade of the student and the conditions of the students, always giving students a lot of interesting real experiences.

The purpose of the student tour program is not only a simple tour, but also enhances entertainment, enhances independence, the spirit of inquisitiveness, connects friends and enhances spiritual values. Through historic attractions and team building programs combined, fun combined with Tiny Garden locations ...

Understand yourself, control emotions, develop confidence, courage, and discipline.

Know how to think empathy, know how to share and help friends and family.

Build a mindset that is ready to flexibly adapt to unexpected situations.

Departure date: (Time: 01 Day)

Location: Family Tiny Garden, Hamlet 4, Thanh Duc Commune, Ben Luc, Long An. (Expected ride 1 hour, 35km)

07:30 am meet up at the meeting point, departure (breakfast at own expense)

boot in the car with the trainer

09:00 Attend "Quiet Meditation & Yoga" sitting class

I myself understand the movement of mind and body

09:40 Take part in challenging situations

Train self-confidence, courage, sharing, and discipline

Build a mindset that is ready to flexibly adapt to situations

Folk games

11:40 Lunch at restaurant (Local food)

 After lunch, rest in place

14:00 Start geographic topic (region you visit)

Experience - Agriculture

Planting rice, growing vegetables, growing potatoes ...

15:30 Summarizing coach sharing and understanding the value of the trip.

16:00 Departure to return to the original pick up point ends scheduled trip 17:00.

Parents should note:

Prepare for students including: hats, neat clothes, with 1 spare set, towels, shoes or sandals with strap.

Information for registration for children to mail: or phone 0913175068

The content of registration for the child clearly states: Name of parent who has left the child, parent's phone, the child's full name, (clear notice if the child has food allergy ...)

Play area: lotus lake, rice field, fruits, vegetables ...

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