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Ấp 4, Xã Thạnh Đức, Huyện Bến Lức, Long an

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8 hours

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promotion combo

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45 persons


Long An


Times have changed. The advancement in science and technology has had a huge impact on our kid’s lifestyles. From the moment they wake up in the morning, they remain under constant pressure. The first thought that crosses one’s mind is not to get late for school or for that important exam. They then get spun around subclasses of art, science, and foreign languages.

As parents, we understand that outdoor adventure is vital to childhood development; no matter what their age, kids want to engage with the outdoors - to get dirty and wet and climb around.

Here, we aim to bring back for kids the most missed childhood activities to excite them, to help them explore through play can learn new skills and to overcome challenges, which can promote self-confidence, resiliency, and self-advocacy, all of which can help children learn how to develop healthy relationships. We also teach our kids about emotional control, braveness, discipline, and the importance of protecting the environment.


Destination: Family Tiny Garden Thạnh Đức Village, Bến Lức District, Long An Province, Việt Nam. (35km away from HCMC, approximately 1 hr driving)

Departure: Picking up at 8:00, warming up with the kids during the drive.

Arrive at ~ 9:15, having a short rest.

9:30 Teaching the kids some fundamental life and social skills which they would have encountered during the games.

Join the interesting outdoor challenges which help to build up their braveness, sharing, self-confidence, flexibility, and discipline.

Make them extremely excited by teaching them Vietnamese traditional fishing skills.

11:40 Having lunch and relaxing.

14:00 Starting the Agricultural Course (includes vegetable seeding and planting, cleaning up the surrounding area)

16:00 The couch starts sharing the value of the trip, collecting what the kids have learned then the whole team heads back to HCMC.

17:00 Arrived at HCMC.

Lunch Menu

1. Free sapodilla coconut (1 fruit / person)

2. Steamed freshwater prawn with coconut

3. Grilled snakehead fish 

4. Chicken garden ginger warehouse

5. Stir-fried garden vegetables with garlic

6. Pork cabbage soup

7. Steamed rice 

8. Dessert home fruit.

Services Include: 2-way shuttle car, Vietnamese guide, lunch.

Free: Recreational fishing, volleyball, bicycle ...

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